2nd Article

13 August 2013

Se’juice’ing The Help

A few weeks ago our house nearly collapsed (figuratively speaking). It took two weeks and the mobilisation of technical help from Mac to Ableton, forums and some very angry calls to technical (un)help(ful) lines to rescue the situation.


It all began when my beloveds MBP/laptop took ages to come on. A naturally cautious man (he always backs up!), he did not just ignore the situation and hope it was a momentary glip but went online to forums to see if there was a thread on the problem. During this time the Mac had started playing up all the time, HILFE. We use our computers for lots and lots of stuff (technical term) and simply put – need them, daily.

By now the 2011 MBP/laptop was taking over an hour to restart. Shoulders became hunched, faces strained due to the many hours on that one thread with thousands of comments. Do this, try that – all to no avail. Then a lead from Australia, people with the same problems were taking their computers to the Apple Store and getting them replaced. The UK stores would not do this, offering a new logic board, though it is the discreet graphics chip which has been attached to the logic board with unleaded solder (which degrades over time) that had been causing the problem, thus solving the situation for only a month or two. Apparently the new European regulations mean only the army can use thermal leaded solder. No good results, despite a magnificently eloquent call to a senior Apple executive, asking for the ‘free’ thinking of Mr Jobs original values, the computer ‘could’ not to be replaced.

Drastic action was called for, with the computer being used sparingly, a replacement was bought and shipped, its journey vigilantly tracked on every plane and through each country along the way. With the arrival of the new computer came the technical ‘call guys’. As I am not that challenging with the demands I place on my computer I have never had need of a technician. As eloquently shown when Mr Mac arrived and I asked him to figure out why I could not access facebook after 1st of July – he simply ‘updated’ me (which I have not done since getting the computer as a hand me down several years ago)!


Anyway, it was smooth data transferring from there on in. Three days later and several thousand pounds (sterling) lighter the new Mac was ready to receive its musical input. For this, the services of an Able-ton Man were required. Who duly arrived and was enthusiastically welcomed – to the studio! At this point the boys/men lost me. What they did in the many hours they were huddled over those computers I know not. Nor do I wish to know (bought another synthesizer for one, I later found out!!!!!!!). For the synth lovers reading this – there was a lot of turning of knobs and rearranging and showing one another pictures of studios and synths – the rest I leave to your imagination.

Whenever guests, workmen or friends are at our house I love to give them freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices, usually containing superfoods of one form or another. It gives me immense pleasure to see someone drinking ‘Blood’ (carrot, apple, beetroot, tumeric and ginger), being ‘SeJUICEd’ (banana, honey, oat milk, cinnamon, walnut) or going ‘Green’ (spinach, almond milk, cacao, goji berries, banana, chilli).


Just as the programmes one chooses to use and which synth sounds to inject into the music being made, what you put into your mouth is 100% your decision. That being said (please note I make NO judgement on any style of eating) it is a personal choice. So, personally, I eat ‘nothing that had a mother’. Having been shunned at school for eating rabbit food, it amuses me no end, to find that I am now in demand for my wide variety of tasty, beautiful and healthy vegetable dishes. It is currently fashionable and that suits me fine! Not only that but I enjoy excellent health and wish others to do so too. If I get the opportunity to feed someone a zuccini oat muffin and it broadens their taste horizons, then I’ll make raw Banoffi Pie for desert. The visitors seem to enjoy it and so it is a win-win experience all round.

Our guests, once they have felt the Zen tranquillity of our set up, been placed on the chi machine, fed correctly combined food and learned handy hints tips for saving health and money, have been known to write thank you emails containing praise such as “you could charge a fucking fortune for an all round health injection weekend like that” and my culinary skills have even been mentioned and complimented in the press by one guest who happened to be a journalist. Synth Lovers, their co-dependents, music industry persons or indeed plumber or gardener all getting ‘seJUICEd’ with a little bit of green (spirulina, chlorella, spinach or kale), lovely jubbly.


As we are not in the actual business of running health retreats (it is all about the music!) here are three of the hints that constitute my favourites for you to add to your ‘studio’ life. All are natural, cheap (as they are giving you prevention from disease), easy and most of all, effective. Give them at least 21 days before you quit the new habit to see how much better they make you feel. Enjoy…….

Note 1 Drink Apple Cider Vinegar in water every day.

drink acv

Note 2 Walk barefoot on grass/sand or use a grounding mat every day.


Note 3 Drink plenty of pure water.



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